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2019 Course Continuum

2019 Course Continuum

$ 17,995.00

The continuum will consist of 4 courses with a comprehensive approach to implant placement. That is, beginning with the end in mind (i.e. planning the prosthetic first). 


E1: Plan: Jan 25-26

This course is an introduction to restorations of single unit implant crowns with emphasis on a team approach to practice integration. Pricing includes doctor and two team members. This course can be taken alone or as part of our 4 course continuum.  

E2: Prepare: Mar 29-31

Everyone wants predictable implant results with maximum aesthetic appeal. This course will help you introduce hard and soft tissue regeneration into your practice along with simple extraction techniques and immediate implant placement. 

E3: Place: May 17-18

Placing implants on live patients that you have planned start to finish.

E4: Pros: Sept 20-21

Once doctors are comfortable treatment planning and placing implants, each student will have the opportunity to place final restorations on their individual patient. Doctors will be guided through choosing a final restoration, ISQ testing, impression techniques, and optical scanning options. This course will include one day of lecture and one day of hands-on patient interaction allowing doctors to deliver final restorations to their patients.